Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise

With Microsoft CRM On-Premise, you are the master of your own data!
Run the software on your own servers and computers with the new CRM.

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CRM On-Premise

CRM On-Premise

Keep control over your data - with your own servers and computers on site.
Reap the benefits of the on-premise infrastructure. All company data – especially sensitive business data – is stored and protected on your own servers. The on-premise variant also allows you to keep an eye on the cost. Achieve seamless integration with your proprietary server infrastructure.

Your advantage

  • Seamless integration with your Microsoft Server infrastructure and other solutions
  • Complete cost control
  • Decide yourself how to use and configure the software
  • Store and physically ‘possess’ all company data on your own servers

The Alternative: A Hosted CRM System

Together with our hosting partners, we offer Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an infrastructural service solution. awisto provides you with a full service for all CRM-relevant areas – from installation and maintenance to configuration and troubleshooting – your one-stop-shopping solution!

Your advantage

  • And yet: secure and protected data
  • Flexible
  • Affordable


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